About Millerson

Global player,
local specialist.

Millerson's product portfolio is divided into the following categories: feed premix, cattle premix, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antibacterial and digestive aid, energy booster, enzymes, feed flavourant, feed preservation, growth promoter, nutritionals, immunity enhancer, and toxin binder.
All of the products come in specifically designed packaging to secure constancy along with the best shelf life.

Our main objective is comprehending animal’s health and nutrition with a view to help our customers in conducting optimal animal performance. For this reason, Millersons’ technologies are developed and created by quality assured state of the art plants in Europe.  

About millerson

Our history

Millerson B.V. was founded in 2007 and is an international key player in developing customised premixes, specialist feed additives (dry and liquid) and products for oral use which are both original and according to GMP+. Millersons' products are marketed in three continents namely: Europe, Africa, and Asia by way of established distributors. The blend of a tailored and direct approach gives rise to highly effective and flourishing business.

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Dutch roots

Millerson, a global player with Dutch roots contributes to creating sound health and nutrition from feed to farm.

Rely on our global network of distributors

Pertaining to solving our customers’ difficulties Millerson has established a trustworthy worldwide network of distributors driven by our collaborative relation.