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The in-feed and raw material Salmonella killer
                                                                       Article number: 1002708

Salmonella bacteria constitute a considerable threat to the health of human beings and animals. It is estimated that 30% to 40% of the poultry and pigs are infected by salmonella bacteria, some of which are more pathogenic than others. Often these animals are clinically healthy carriers, so that there is a constant danger of infection within the food chain.

There are many factors which can cause the infection of food with salmonella bacteria; not only is the microbiological quality of the feed important, but also, for example hygiene during slaughtering, and during the preparation of the food by the consumer. One possible way to break through the "salmonella cycle" is to produce salmonella-free feed. In particular feeds in which ingredients of animal origin are used, are often found to be infected with salmonella.

MILLERSAL-LIQUID is an effective salmonella killer for use in feed raw materials and finished feed. It kills other threatful enteric bacteria as there are Campylobacter and listeria species.

MILLERSAL-LIQUID is a liquid product containing many different organic acids which are highly effective in killing salmonella bacteria. It guarantees homogeneous distribution during treatment and intensive contact with the salmonella germs.

MILLERSAL-LIQUID has a pH value of ±4.0, which means that it is both user-friendly and equipment friendly. The palatability of the feeds is retained. In order to achieve the maximum effect, MILLERSAL-LIQUID must be pressure-sprayed into the material to be treated. It is essential that the distribution should be even. MILLERSON B.V. can supply the required dosage system.

  • Finished feeds: 3 - 4 kgs / MT
  • Animal-meal, bone-meal and other ingredients  of animal origin: 4 - 5 kgs / MT
  • Fish-meal: at least 12 kgs per MT

Stable for at least 2 years, when stored in a dry and cool place.

1 liter bottle, 5 liter jerrycan, 25 kgs jerrycan, 200 liter drum or 1.000 liter IBC-container .